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Tajuk In reference to the proposed 1Care for 1Malaysia


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 In reference to the proposed 1Care for 1Malaysia



The Ministry of Health (MOH) understands that it must endeavour to continually improve its services to the Rakyat, as Malaysia moves towards the status of a developed nation.


Malaysian health scenario is faced with many challenges in recent years. The increase in the proportion of the elderly, the number of people suffering from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and other chronic diseases, rising healthcare cost and rising public expectation on health services have added more stress to our healthcare system. In an effort to develop a better health delivery system for Malaysia, we have over the last few years studied various healthcare models from different countries and consulted with various local and international experts on the way forward.


We need to relook at improving the current delivery model in order to better serve all Malaysians. Thus the idea for the proposed 1Care for 1Malaysia was born with the vision to give all Malaysians comprehensive health coverage, as well as high quality care.


Simply put, what we desires the following for Malaysians:


1.    That everyone, regardless of poor or rich, will not only have better access but will have more choice for high quality healthcare. It will give the public a choice between going to a public or private clinic and hospital.


2.    Malaysians will be able to choose their own family doctor and will be able to change if need be. The chosen family doctor will know the patient and family’s personally, understanding their medical problems and helping advise them on how to stay as healthy as possible. So even if one is not ill, the family doctor that has been selected by them, will still monitor and advise them and provide the appropriate timely screening to detect any potential health problems early.


3.    There is no need to worry about payment at the point of receiving treatment or services that one is entitled to as the cost of healthcare will be paid by a central government agency that pools contribution from the government, employer, employee and those self-employed.


4.    The government will continue to contribute towards the health care cost for the poor


5.    As such, in the proposed 1Care model, one is assured not to fall into sudden poverty as a result of paying for healthcare services.


With the above backdrop in mind, the MOH has subsequently drafted a concept paper and formed 11 key technical groups and committees to come up with suggestions on how it can make the proposed 1Care more relevant to Malaysian context.  MOH is also conducting several research studies to gather further information needed to support the work on the proposal. Currently the MOH is still at a drafting stage on the design of the blueprint for 1Care and foresees that this may take some time before it can even be able to proceed to the next stage of implement plan.


During the planning and discussion stage of the proposed 1Care, it is still incumbent upon the MOH to continue to provide better healthcare to the people in its public facilities. As such, the MOH has embarked on incremental transformation of our public health services, especially in improving access to health services.  These include areas such as: decreasing waiting time at our health facilities; extending the service hours of our clinics; home delivery of medication to patients with chronic illnesses; decongesting our hospitals through creation of setellite clinics and low risk centres and others.


Another area that the MOH has also focused on is the issue of how any transformation or reform model can be sustainable from a financial perspective.  The reality in today’s environment is that healthcare costs will continue to spiral upwards.  As such, the MOH is taking pro-active steps to ensure that the nation and its citizens are taken care of without being unduly burdened by rising costs.  Thus, discussions and consultations on the types of financial arrangement and implications to the government, taxpayer and individuals are taking place to propose an acceptable healthcare financing model.  Thus any assumptions or conjecture on the mode of financial impact for the individual tax payer is very premature at this stage, as discussions are being held at the moment to ensure that a positive and workable model will not burden government, the tax payer and individuals.


The MOH is also aware that observations and assumptions have already been made by various groups and individuals regarding the proposed 1Care Concept.  The MOH is hopeful that these groups and individuals will continue to engage with the MOH through face-to-face briefings to seek better understanding and clarification of the proposed concept.






Date: 3 February 2012

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