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Akta Kesihatan

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No.TajukNo. AktaTahun 
1Fees Act 1951 - Fees (Medical) Order 1982 [PU(A)359/1982]2091982View
2Fees Act 1951 - Fees (Medical) (Extension to Federal Territory of Labuan Sabah And Sarawak) Order 1985 [PU(A)67/1985]2091985View
3Fees Act 1951 - Fees (Medical) (Amendment) Order 1994 [PU(A)5/1994]2091994View
4Fees Act 1951 - Fees (Medical) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 1994 [PU(A)468/1994]2091994View
5Fees Act 1951 - Fees (Medical) (Amendment) Order 2003 [PU(A)6/2003]2092003View
6Food Act 19832811983View
7Fees Act 1951 - Revised 1978 (Ordinance No.22 of 1951) [P.U.(A) 405/66]2091978View